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Market and grow your health, wellness or fitness business! Tags: coaching dieticians integrative doctors marketing for coaches marketing for fitness professionals marketing for health professionals marketing


“Market, grow and manage your health, wellness or fitness business!”


Edie Summers: Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy 03/07 by Susan Larison Danz | Spirituality Podcasts Tags: alternative health CFS coaching Edie Summers energy healing how to get more energy M.E. MS Susan Larison Danz wellness coaching

Edie Summers: Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy 03/07 by Susan Larison Danz | Spirituality Podcasts


Listen to the interview here on how to harness your energy and well-being:


Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Susan Larison Danz on BlogTalkRadio

Certified wellness coach, top-rated radio host, inspiring author and experienced yoga instructor Edie Summers returns to the show to share powerful insights from her new book Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy.  Edie will also preview her upcoming book The Memory of Health: My Journey Through Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Illness and Back.
Edie has studied and trained in alternative health for 18 years.  She was also a wellness consultant, lecturer and broker in the natural foods industry for 7 years.
Edie's popular Blog Talk Radio program The Wellness Coach: Take Time to Tune In™ is one of the top 300 shows on Blog Talk Radio.
Edie is currently pursuing her M.A. in Counseling Psychology.
Edie's web site:
Share My Book On Energy and Get a Free Copy!‏ Tags: energy health CFS get more energy coaching self-coaching

The final version of my book on how to get more energy is out!

Please share and I will email you a pdf version. Thank you!

Email me here to let me know you've shared: ediesummers [@}



Get My New Book: Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy!


Here is the Kindle version:




It will be out on Amazon in paperback in about 6 weeks.

FREE: Future of Nutrition Conference with Marc David and The Institute for the Psychology of Eating: Jan. 27- Jan. 31st Tags: digestion Dr. Mark Hyman food psychology


This FREE summit on The Future of Nutrition starts Monday and goes all week! Topics include FATIGUE and NUTRITION, epigenetics, ancestral diets, and the future of nutrition. Speakers include Marc David, David Wolfe, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Sarah Gottfried, and the heir of the Baskin-Robbins empire John Robbins. The Science of Nutrition, the Energetics of Food, the Addictive Brain, Plant Based Diets, New Clinical Insights and Research, Ancestral Approaches to Nutrition and Health, Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics, the Power of Your Gut Microbiome, Food Allergies, Eating and Exercise, Nutrition and Immunity, Insulin Resistance and Health, Managing Inflammation, Nutrition and Autism, Food and the Brain, Dieting and Metabolism, Nutrition for Fatigue, the Power of Fermented Foods, the Future of Supplements, Eating for Longevity, Food and Weight, the Brilliance of Raw & Wild foods, the Hidden Politics of Nutrition, and lots more…–food-psychology-with-marc-david-guests

The Passion Evolution Summit: Unlock the Keys to Lasting Love, Relationship & Sex! 18 Luminary Speakers: Featuring John Gray Tags: free summit improve your love life John Gray love Passion Evolution Summit relationships sex
The Passion Evolution Summit: Unlock the Keys to Lasting Love, Relationship & Sex! We have 18 Luminary speakers, authors and coaches on board such as John Gray, Marci Shimoff, Carol Allen and many more who will be sharing powerful tools to help men and women overcome struggle and unlock lasting love. Sign up here for this free event:
Photo: The Passion Evolution Summit: Unlock the Keys to Lasting Love, Relationship & Sex!  We have 18 Luminary speakers, authors and coaches on board such as John Gray, Marci Shimoff, Carol Allen and many more who will be sharing powerful tools to help men and women overcome struggle and unlock lasting love. Sign up here for this free event:
Beyond the Law of Attraction: How to Manifest Love, Money, & Abundance Using The Compassion Key - Free Webinar 1/21/2014 10 am PST Tags: health love finances money spirituality abundance well-being law of attraction manifestation Edward Mannix compassion truth

I just had the most amazing interview with my dear friend and colleague, Edward Mannix.  We talked about “Karma, ego, separation, surrender, paradox, truth and partial truth, grace… and perhaps most importantly how each and everyone of us can achieve integrated enlightenment – the height of spiritual achievement AND our soul’s ideal life in ordinary, physical reality.”

Edward has a FREE webinar coming up  next Tuesday, January 21st 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern.

He will be talking about how you can move beyond the Law of Attraction to manifest all of your dreams: financially, romantically, professionally and beyond.

You can sign up for free at

You can also listen to the amazing talk and interview I did with him below:

Listen to the interview here:–dissolving-karmic-imprints#.UtWQfEvj0Bs.facebook

Edward Mannix has been on a conscious path of personal and spiritual development for over twenty years. He has practiced Vipassana meditation in a monastery in Burma, travelled to Nepal to receive teachings and empowerments from Tibetan Rinpoches, and worked with hidden masters from a number of traditions and geographies, spanning Asia, Europe and the United States. Throughout his journey, Edward has consistently been focused on a form of practical spirituality – integrating his spiritual pursuits into ordinary life, not leaving worldly endeavors behind, but instead using them as a vehicle to go deeper into awakening. While on his conscious path and prior to becoming an author, he worked in the private sector as a management consultant and social entrepreneur. He holds an M.B.A. from Columbia University where studied Sustainability and Social Enterprise, an M.A. from The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. in Psychology and Economics from Indiana University. Drawing upon unique insight and an unusually diverse set of life experiences, Edward brings fresh perspective to ancient wisdom, and is emerging as an important new voice in the arenas of philosophy, spiritual development and personal transformation. He has been helping others use The Compassion Key to reach their physical/material/emotional/spiritual goals since 2009.

Edward’s upcoming webinar:

Sign up for free at

January 21st 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern
During This Free Webinar, Edward is Going To Show You…
• Why The Law of Attraction, creative visualization, and other manifestation and personal transformation techniques often fail to get the desired results
• The ONE hidden cause that creates nearly 100% of the challenges and disappointments in every aspect of your life
• The exact spiritual process that enabled me to earn $722,500 in 14 months, move to Bali, and find & marry my most compatible soul mate
• How you can use three easy-to-learn, heartfelt steps to transform any problem and reach any authentic goal
Edward’s upcoming webinar:
The Compassion Key: The Secret System That Enabled Edward to Earn $722,500 in 14 months, Move to Bali, and Find & Marry His Most Compatible Soul Mate.
How to Be A Brave Woman - My Interview with Keri Renee Tags: brave women Edie Summers empowerment Keri Renee women

So honored to be interviewed by Keri Renee. Please download the interviews on iTunes to support Keri Renee


Win a free copy of the book You Were Not Born To Suffer by Blake Bauer! Tags: Blake Bauer win a free book You Were Not Born to Suffer

Win a free copy of the amazing book You Were Not Born To Suffer by Blake Bauer! How do you enter? Join for free and upload a pic of yourself (required) and fill out your contact information with your primary email address! Write a short reason why you think you should win this book! Winners announced the beginning of the New Year! This book will change your life! Be sure to catch Blake live on my radio show this Sunday, December 15th @ 4pm PST!


Speaking with Tami Simon: Founder & Publisher of Sounds True Tags: Buddhism intimacy

Listen to the interview here!

Tami Simon is the founder and publisher of Sounds True, an independent multimedia company dedicated to disseminating spiritual wisdom. Tami began studying with Reggie Ray in 2001 and began teaching "Meditating with the Body" introductory workshops in 2007. Her areas of special interest include authentic leadership and applying spiritual principles to organizational life. Tami lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her partner Julie Kramer.

Tami Simon's Teaching & Speaking Engagements


New Age Album "Dreaming the Afterlife" by Independent Artist Sonaljit Mukherjee Tags: emerging new age musicians music for meditation music similar to Yanni neo-classical music New Age music orchestral music Sonaljit Mukherjee

Listen to the interview and hear his entire debut new age album here:


Sonaljit is an independent artist in the genre of New Age Music.

His inclination towards music began during his undergraduate life in India. He used to participate in music shows and local competitions as a singer. Later on he felt the need to provide instrumental backing to his singing, so he began learning keyboard playing. It was then that he got acquainted with new age music or contemporary instrumentals, particularly by listening to Yanni and Vangelis. The idea of implementing several instruments into one single track seemed fascinating and challenging. However he did not have proper recording equipment and synthesizers by then.

He came to United States for higher studies, and built up a small home studio for his musical projects, and has been continuing ever since. He released his first New Age album on June 2013. It’s called “Dreaming the Afterlife.” It is a collection of contemporary instrumental compositions and piano solo renditions.The entire album was produced in his home studio including the composing, orchestration, recording and mastering.

The artwork was created by combining and editing many images of Sun and clouds, photographed by his friend Anshuman Dubey. It is a detailed depiction of a dream that he saw, which propelled him to work on this album.

Living a Natural Lifestyle with Entrepreneur Angela Russell Tags: alternative health Angela Russell Detroit healthy living green living healthy living living a natural lifestyle wellness yoga yoga retreats

Listen to the interview here:

Angela Russell is an entrepreneur who owns both a holistic recruitment practice and Green Dreams Detroit, a service designed to help people eat, cook and live better naturally.

Angela wishes to inspire others to follow their own true path, just as she has done.

An avid fan of yoga, making recipes from scratch, as well as growing her own food and making her own cleaning products, Angela is an inspiration to anyone looking to start down the road to living a greener, cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

You can find out more about Angela here, and visit her websites as well:

Healing with Darren Littlejohn: Buddhism & The Power of Vow Tags: addiction alchoholism Buddhism Darren LIttlejohn recovery The Power of Vow The Twelve Step Buddhist Tibetan Buddhism yoga Zen Buddhism


Listen to the interview here!
Littlejohn is a recovering addict, yoga teacher and Buddhist. He shared his success and program in his book, The 12-Step Buddhist (Atria\Beyond Words 2009). This integrated approach spans nearly three decades of successes, failures, and finally, answers. Darren’s books enlighten the inner spirit, educate, open the mind, and fill the heart. The spirituality gained from combining 12-Step ideas, Buddhism, yoga, and meditation will help everyone heal, no matter what his or her afflictions may be.
The new book, The Power of Vow:

Articles, Podcasts, etc.

Twitter: @12stepbuddhist

Amazon Author Page


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