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Holding Positive Thoughts Tags: attitude

I thought I wrote these thoughts yesterday on Connektwell, but they have disappeared, so I think I did not fully understand that I have to say "yes" to the question "Do you want to schedule this entry?" 

Anyway, I have been focusing these last few days on all good things.  I realize that I have many blessings, whether I can see them or not.  If I can't see them, then if I maintain awareness, perhaps I can feel them.  Just walking with the wind in my hair is a blessing.  Or looking across the valley at the blue-toned peaks is a blessing.

Everyday I am grateful for my family and friends.  The warmness that I feel for the people I love is balm on my soul.  I am one blessed woman.

May you all, on our Connektwell community, feel the blessings that surround you and rejoice in them.

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