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Just For Today Tags: chronic conditions inspirational quotes diet health wellness inspiration wellness coaching

The following information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prescribe any kind of disease or illness.  It is a good idea to seek the professional advice of qualified health care practitioner before making any major changes in your self health care routine.   Above all else, be well…

Wellness Coaching

mind body soul planet thought action dream reality intention

wellness coaching for life

Did you know…  

*Intention is the most important energy to harness in order to accomplish any goal and/or heal.  And you have to believe it on every level of your being, in every single cell.
*Exercise is so important for health that it would be the number one “drug” prescribed by doctors.
*Stress is one of the main causes of many illnesses and is extremely damaging to the body.  When you feel that “fight or flight” response coming on breathe deeply from your stomach until you feel more relaxed.  Also do whatever you can to distract yourself.  Focus on something that creates feelings of relaxation and positivity.  Nothing is worth losing your health over.
*Many successful people do not drink alcohol, caffeine, or use stimulants of any kind. 
Donald Trump does not drink alcohol or coffee.  Tom Cruise does not drink alcohol.  Dane Cook does not use stimulants of any kind, including alcohol, because he feels they interfere with his process.
*Feng Shui is much more than just aesthetics. Clearing the clutter from your home, office, and work environments can and will change the rate at which you succeed.  Start small with just your desk and see how you feel afterwards.  You just might be amazed at what happens next.
*Cut out all refined sugar from your diet and watch your energy and focus skyrocket!
*Organic Spirulina is chock full of B vitamins and Iron you need to have amazing, boundless energy.
*Just starting your dream project can give you extra energy you never knew you had.
*Acupuncture can help “reset” your body if you are feeling under the weather or coping with acute or chronic illness.  The sooner you start, the quicker you will feel better.  Acupuncture can also help in kicking bad habits such as smoking, or helping you to cope with pain, stress, or anxiety. 
*Feeling under the weather or blue?  Try incorporating brown rice and steamed veggies into your diet.  Try smiling for no reason.  Smiling actually releases feel good chemicals in your body like dopamine, so even if you don’t feel like it, smile!  It can change your whole perspective.
*Have Insomnia? Take a daily walk in a park on a sunny day to get some fresh air and sunshine.  Vitamin D is best obtained by sunshine and actually acts like a hormone in your body.   Walking outdoors in the morning will help you sleep very soundly at night.  Also limit stimulants to early morning or eliminate them altogether.  Adaptogens such as ginseng can give you the energy you need without interrupting your sleep.
Journaling gives your body a voice.  Our body is our “sub-conscious mind” (Candace Pert).   Events that happen to us are stored often in our body and in our cell’s memories.  Journaling, talk therapy, and body work can access our subconsious mind and help us to release certain experiences we hold onto or that hold onto us.
Inspirational Quotes
“I do not believe that you should devote overly much effort to correcting your weaknesses. Rather, I believe that the highest success in living and the deepest emotional satisfaction comes from building and using your signature strengths.”  ~ Martin Seligman, Ph.D. – Author, Authentic Happiness

Just For Today
Just for today, eat right.
Just for today, go for a brisk walk.
Just for today, make time to be alone.
Just for today, wear your seat belt.
Just for today, exercise your sense of humor.
Just for today, take care of yourself.
~ unknown


Cultivate Health and Vitality in Your Body Naturally Through Nutrition, Stress Management, and Wellness Coaching! Tags: wellness coaching stress management conscious living managing chronic conditions CFS fibromyalgia food psychology

Cultivate Health and Vitality in Your Body Naturally Through Nutrition, Stress & Energy Management, and Conscious Living! Wellness Coaching for Chronic Illness, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, Stress Management and Beyond. Click on Link to Listen on Blog Talk Radio!

Change Now Tags: change. wellness coaching



"Change now, while you still can. Change now because you can, change now because it is the right thing to do. Change now because there is no right, no left, no time left, no space left. Only you. Change"

- Richard Bartlett

Forum is called "How's Your Day?" Tags: feeling good falling asleep relaxed attitude happiness

I've initiated a forum topic called "How's Your Day?"  Please check it out under the heading "FORUMS" at the top of the page.  I post discussion topics which include tips on health and happiness, and the connection between them.  I'm no expert, just an everyday person who values good health and covets happiness.  I welcome your experiences to add to the store of wisdom.  And thanks to Connektwell, we can connect and share with each other!

Aspartame Has Been Renamed as a Natural Sweetener: AminoSweet Tags: aspartame aspartame renamed AminoSweet



Wellness Coaching as a Part of Healthcare Tags: wellness coaching healthcare


"Health coaches should be a part of every public clinic, medical office and hospital wellness center and should be reimbursed by insurance companies & corporate wellness programs."

~ Dr Mehmet Oz on Larry King Live


Connektwell Community

One of the things I love about Connektwell is that we are a miniature wellness community.  I gain strength from the postings.  I do wish more people would post photos, like our newest member did.  Thanks, Louise, and welcome.

Natural Healing - Radio Interview 9/19/11 BlogTalkRadio Tags: health healing naturally natural health wellness staying well naturally

Dr. Carol Francis and I talk about how to stay well naturally on BlogTalkRadio:

The Law of Attraction: Make it Work for You! Radio Interview Tags: radio show law of attraction wellness coaching healing spirituality

Attracting the Life You Desire with Intuitive Medium Sharon Lorraine Boon Radio Show by TheWellnessCoach | Blog Talk Radio Sunday, February 5th @ 1pm PST/4pm EST

Sharon Lorraine Boon is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and intuitive. She is also a writer and motivational speaker. Sharon is the creator of Passage To Yourself, a company which specializes in helping people find and achieve their dreams and goals.

She is also an avid student of the healing arts and is an advocate for the mind body connection. As an intuitive medium Sharon helps people connect to their departed loved ones. She is also a teacher of the Law of Attraction and meditation. Her goal is to help people remove blocks that stop them from creating the life they want and to inspire them to go for their dreams.

She specializes in helping people find and achieve their dreams and goals.  She is a teacher of the Law of Attraction and meditation.  Her goal is to help people remove blocks that stop them from creating the life they want and to inspire them to go for their dreams. With the help of Reiki and other forms of healing, Sharon was able to reduce asthma medication, reduce stress and lose weight. 


Group Wellness Coaching Teleclasses & Webinars Tags: group wellness coaching group wellness coaching classes group wellness coaching classes online group wellness coaching teleclasses

ONE FREE MONTH OF GROUP WELLNESS COACHING!  Learn new skills, make new friends, and change your health habits for good!   Take as many classes as you like!

Group wellness coaching teleclasses & webinars are designed to focus on YOU.  Callers will be able to "raise their hands" to ask questions.    I will then spend one-on-one time with you.   You can also listen to other people being coached and type in your questions.

What qualifies me to coach you?  I have over 15 years experience as a wellness professional, and I am a certified wellness coach.   I was trained as a coach by the Mars Venus Institute.   I am currently receiving advanced wellness coaching training through WellCoaches, connected with the Institute of Coaching, affiliated with Harvard Medical School.   I am also studying pre-med for naturopathic school.

You will be able to benefit not only from one-on-one time, but by hearing what other people are going through as well with their health goals and challenges.   You can also participate via the web and type in your questions.    People change and heal best in the presence of others.   Join the conversation and Change for Good.

Every Thursday @ 1pm PST, I offer a FREE TELECLASS (also available as a WEBINAR) on STRESS & ENERGY MANAGEMENT. Not only will you gain valuable skills about how to manage your stress and energy levels, but you will also see how group wellness coaching teleclasses operate.  You will be able to participate via the phone or the web.


Because people change and heal in the presence of others.  
"Connection is the currency of wellness," (Jack Travis).

The purpose of a group wellness coaching session is twofold: it allows the opportunity to participate in a coaching format that is extremely affordable.  Group wellness coaching sessions are also a rich opportunity to learn in a group dynamic, which can be a great way to learn, change, and heal.  Learn new skills and change your health habits!  

You will have one on one time with me if you choose to participate on the phone.   You can also ask me questions via the web.   You can participate as much or as little as you like.  If you are more shy or prefer the internet, you can listen in on the web and ask your questions.   If you wish to participate on the teleseminar, you will "raise your hand," and I will give you the microphone.  I will coach you through your question, problem, or issue.

Effectively changing and implementing new health habits takes time.   You can speed up this process by hearing what others are going through, sharing your struggles and story, and heal and change in the presence of others. 
Sign up here on to participate in teleclasses and to join our wellness community!  Share your goals, learn new skills, make friends, start groups or platforms relevant to your health interests.   Basic membership is always free.
Normally, individual group wellness coaching classes are $4.99 per teleclass/webinar.  Sign ups are available for each teleclass (also available as a webinar) through the "Events" page.

  Premium members have unlimited access to group wellness coaching teleclasses & webinars for $9.99/each month.   You can try out this service for one month for free.   Join our site for free and go to "Teleclasses" to sign up for one month free.

You will then have access to the "Teleclasses" page, where you can find the phone numbers, passcodes and pins for the teleclassses/webinars.   New teleclasses will be posted every Sunday.  Recurring premium membership will be $9.99/month.  

You can also contact me here for details and information:
Holding Positive Thoughts Tags: attitude

I thought I wrote these thoughts yesterday on Connektwell, but they have disappeared, so I think I did not fully understand that I have to say "yes" to the question "Do you want to schedule this entry?" 

Anyway, I have been focusing these last few days on all good things.  I realize that I have many blessings, whether I can see them or not.  If I can't see them, then if I maintain awareness, perhaps I can feel them.  Just walking with the wind in my hair is a blessing.  Or looking across the valley at the blue-toned peaks is a blessing.

Everyday I am grateful for my family and friends.  The warmness that I feel for the people I love is balm on my soul.  I am one blessed woman.

May you all, on our Connektwell community, feel the blessings that surround you and rejoice in them.

The Path That Leads to Chronic Illness Tags: chronic illness disease prevention glutathione diabetes antioxidants milk thistle raw foods chemicals CFS Autism Parkinson's cancer

Almost half of us don't detoxify properly which can lead to chronic conditions such as CFS, autoimmune conditions, autism, asthma, diabetes, Parkinson's, liver conditions, Alzheimer's, cancer, kidney pain, etc.*

Glutathione is the master detoxifier. It is a major component of your immune system, key in controlling inflammation, and one of the major preventers of aging. If you are not as vital as you'd like to be, you may be low in glutathione.

Many of us do not produce enough of it, especially people with chronic conditions who may be impaired in genes involved in glutathione metabolism. How do you know if you are low in it? Get a genetic test.

Without glutathione, or without enough of it, your body cannot rid itself of environmental toxins, processed foods, etc. There are now close to 100,000 synthetic chemicals in our world, with only a fraction of them having been tested (about 7%). For vulnerable populations, the inability to detoxify properly leads to a breakdown and state in the body called oxidative stress. This state is where chronic illness begins.

How can you protect yourself? Eat more raw foods and more superfoods like wheat grass and spirulina. They naturally contain high levels of glutathione. Eat more peanut butter and sweet potatoes. Take a milk thistle formula. Exercise naturally increases glutathione levels and detoxifies your liver.

The time is now to start down a new path toward health...

be well,

The Wellness Coach

*"Glutathione: The Mother of All Antioxidants" by Mark Hyman, M.D.

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