The Memory of Health - PDF in Color
The Memory of Health
VIP Wellness Coaching (12 months) + Circle of Friends Coaching 1 Year
VIP Wellness Coaching (12 months) + Circle of Friends Coaching 1 Year
Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy! PDF in Color
Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy!

Stop Feeling Lonely!  

Connection is the Currency of Well-Being!

Welcome to ConnektWell, your intimate social network for self and group wellness coaching!

This is your time and year to:

Eat Better, Feel Better, Look Better! Say YES! To Feeling GOOD! :)™

Get fit, get in shape, lose weight, eat better, manage your stress better, meet your goals this year with the support of a group environment! Social well-being is the missing piece of the puzzle in achieving health and wellness!

Improve your health, fitness levels, find support and learn to live well with a chronic condition like ME/CFS!

ConnektWell is an intimate destination for health-minded individuals, groups, and practitioners, and corporations seeking a haven and a platform for all things related to health and well-being!

Find free videos and content on yoga, mind-body fitness, healthy living, nutrition, reviews on products and supplements, self coaching tips, etc.  Create groups based on your own interests!  

Basic membership to ConnektWell is always free! 

This includes free videos on yoga and mind-body fitness, self-coaching tips, creating your own groups (including private groups), posting your own blogs and videos, etc.  Creat your free profile and share your wellness vision, weekly and monthly goals, as well as challenges. Create free or paid events (great if you are wellness professional!). Get inspired and motivated to get and stay well!

Join our Circle of Friends Coaching!  Circle of Friends Coaching members have access to master classes, as well as the ability to participate in LIVE group wellness coaching telecalls. They will also have access to exclusive yoga and mind-body videos and other exclusive content designed to help them achieve and maintain their health, wellness, and fitness goals, as well as group and coaching support in a private group on FB - including LIVE support! 

Circle of Friends Coaching is $27/month or $297/year.  Sign up here on ConnektWell!  Your first month is complimentary!

Become a VIP member!  Get VIP 1-1 Wellness Coaching, or join our yearly Wellness Mastermind.   Looking to get motivated to get in shape and get well, no matter what? Need one-on-one support?  Looking for the support of your peers who have the same health and wellness goals or have the same challenges as you? Get support at the deepest level with the most transformation and the greatest chance of success!

For our VIP wellness coaching programs, please see widgets below.

Here is a bit more on our VIP Wellness Mastermind:

Join us for a year-long, exclusive VIP Mastermind group, with the option to renew each year for continued VIP support.

We meet online in live group wellness coaching calls and in an exclusive, private page on Facebook where you can get immediate support each and every day!  You can listen to recording of telecalls and there will be LIVE support on FB too!  Get to know one another to get and stay healthy!

We will also meet in person twice a year so you can stay motivated and get the support of group energy! Social well-being is the missing piece in well-being.  Join us for exclusive workshops on how to get in shape, get fit, eat healthy, self-care, and stress management, living well with a chronic condition, and yoga, meditation, and mind-body fitness and fitness coaching!  

The  VIP Wellness Mastermind is $9997/year with an option to renew at a lower price point the following years for continued support.

VIP Wellness Mastermind members also receive 2 one-on-one VIP sessions with a wellness coach each month they are in the program! This alone is worth the cost of a VIP yearly membership! Note: you will receive your tickets to our LIVE events after your trial month is complete, plus more bonuses!  

You can try the Circle of Friends and any coaching program free for one month. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Connekt with us in our private FB groups for Circle of Friends and VIP Wellness Mastermind group and in group telecalls, etc.

Get on the road to well-being and connection with others on the same path!

This is your time and year to: 

Eat Better, Feel Better, Look Better! Say YES! To Feeling GOOD! :)™

Join today to connekt with others with similar goals and challenges! Achieve your health and wellness goals once and for all!

Here is the breakdown:

*Basic membership to ConnekWell is free.  Feel free to join us, create a free profile, create blog posts, and create groups (public or private) around your health, fitness, and wellness goals.  You will also have access to free yoga videos and some master classes. Create a free profile and share your wellness vision, weekly  and montly goals, as well as your challenges to get support!

*Premium membership for Circle of Friends Coaching is just $27 a month - or $297/year to have access to all of the yoga and mind-body fitness videos and MP3's on  Use them to work-out, and for your guided meditations.  You will be able to participate in LIVE group wellness coaching telecalls, listen to some master classes, see some whitepapers, etc.  You will also choose at least one wellness buddy to check in with every week!  You will have access to our private FB page for group support, coaching in the group, and LIVE support!

*Become a VIP Wellness Mastermind member, and receive 2 one-on-one private coaching calls with a wellness coach each month.  You will also be able to participate LIVE on group coaching calls.  You will also receive two tickets to my VIP wellness retreats for one year.  Locations and dates for wellness retreats TBA.

You will receive a welcome email with the details of whichever level you subscribe and the next steps to take!


Bonuses for Circle of Friends Coaching include the two pdfs of my books:  The Memory of Health Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy!  

Bonuses for VIP Wellness Mastermind include a signed copy of The Memory of Health, pdfs of both of Edie's books - Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy!  and The Memory of Health (great to see in color and to click on all of the links and resources!) and one free ticket to LIVE events! Bring someone you love and expand your circle of friends and support system!

Sign up here on ConnektWell for Circle of Friends Coaching!  

Note:  when you join ConnektWell, you are also signing up for Edie's newsletter on living a healthy lifestyle. It will come from ConnektWell or Edie Summers.

How do I sign up? There are two ways!

You can sign up here for your free coaching client account as a free member of Connekt well. 

You can also sign up here for the Circle of Friends Coaching.

Click on "register" if you are new to ConnektWell to create your FREE account.  If you are already a free member - or would like to join us for group wellness coaching in our private FB page and have access to recorded telecalls and much more - click on Circle of Friends Coaching if you are upgrading to group wellness coaching. 

You can also sign up for Circle of Friends Coaching and our other VIP Wellness Coaching packages by looking for the widgets that mention each program on this page.  Join us and ConnektWell!

Note:  if you sign up via the widget for Circle of Friends Coaching, you will have to renew next year (if you like) by signing up here again on ConnektWell.  So, I recommend just signing up here, to keep it simple!

Feel free to contact us for any questions:

**You will find the pdfs of the two books after you become a member on Connektwell and/or have signed up successfully for any coaching program or been upgraded.  You can find the pdfs under the tabs on here:  Wellness Mastermind and Circle of Friends Coaching

Contact us with questions!:


VIP Wellness Coaching 6 Months
VIP Wellness Coaching 6 Months
VIP Wellness Coaching 6 Months
VIP Wellness Coaching 6 Months
VIP Wellness Coaching 3 Months
VIP Wellness Coaching 3 Months
Circle of Friends Coaching
Circle of Friends Coaching
Wellness Mastermind
Wellness Mastermind
The Memory of Health - Signed Copy
The Memory of Health - Signed Copy
VIP Wellness Coaching - 1 Month
VIP Wellness Coaching

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