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Stay on track with your wellness goals with ONE FREE MONTH OF GROUP WELLNESS COACHING!  Join us, make new friends, learn new skills, and break old habits!  Find sponsors to help you CHANGE FOR GOOD!

Group wellness coaching telecalls are designed to focus on YOU.   Callers will be able to "raise their hands" to ask questions.    The wellness coach leading the call will then spend one-on-one time with you.   

You will be able to benefit not only from one-on-one time, but by hearing what other people are going through as well with their health goals and challenges.   People change and heal best in the presence of others.   Join the conversation and Change for Good.


The purpose of a group wellness coaching session is twofold:  Group wellness coaching sessions are also a rich opportunity to learn in a group dynamic, which can be a great way to learn, change, and heal.  It allows the opportunity to participate in a coaching format that is extremely affordable.

You will have one on one time with me if you choose to participate on the phone.  You can participate as much or as little as you like.   If you wish to participate on the telecall, you will "raise your hand," and I will give you the microphone.  I will coach you through your question, problem, or issue.  

Other people will contribute their thoughts and experiences on what you are going through as well.   Group Wellness Coaching works because it doesn't tell you that you have to change.  Wellness coaching and the people in the group support and empower you to find the courage to change from your own motivation.  You are not alone.   You have the power to change!

Why Group Wellness Coaching?
Because people change and heal in the presence of others.  
"Connection is the currency of wellness," (John Travis).
Effectively changing and implementing new health habits takes time.   You can speed up this process by hearing what others are going through, sharing your struggles and story, and heal and change in the presence of others.  Learn new skills, and make new friends!
Sign up here on to participate in telecalls and to join our wellness community!  Share your goals, learn new skills, make friends, start groups or platforms relevant to your health interests.   Basic membership is free.

Sign ups are available for each telecalls through the "Events" page.  An RSVP is required on the Events page.   Basic membership to ConnektWell is free.

Premium members have unlimited access to group wellness coaching telecalls for $9.99/each month.   You can try out this service for one month for free.   Join our site for free and go to "Teleclasses" to sign up for ONE MONTH FREE!

You will then have access to the "Telecalls" page, where you can find the information you need for the  telecalls.   New telecalls will be posted each month.  Recurring premium membership will be $9.99/month.  

*These calls are designed for at least two or more people (besides me, the coach).  The schedule is subject to change based on attendance, demand, and my availability.   If you desire one-on-one coaching, please contact me to set up individual sessions that suit your schedule (my rates are $60/hour).

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