Group Coaching includes:

1. Private free groups for discussion & support (join ConnektWell for free)

2. Telecalls and/or Recordings (accessed by premium membership)

3. ME/CFS Coach, Stress/Energy Coach self-coaching courses (separate purchase)

How do I access group coaching telecalls?  

To access the telecalls and recordingsBecome a premium member!  You can try it out for one month FREE!  You can listen or particpate to telecalls live on the phone or the web, or listen to the recordings!  I will be coaching people live!*

Note: please use an anonymous name if you wish to preserve your privacy. 

These calls are recorded.

To access the self coaching courses: Visit the pages for each individual course (for example: Stress/Energy Coach). Truly private group discussions on ConnektWell are included as well.  You have to join as a free member to access the groups. To get even more support during your journey, become a premium member to access the telecalls!

Group Support Telecalls:

Get the support you need with live and/or recorded group suppport calls!

You will greatly benefit by hearing what other people are going through as well with their health goals and challenges.   People change and heal best in the presence of others.  

Join the conversation and Change for Good or Get the Support You Need!

Premium members have unlimited access to group wellness coaching teleclasses & webinars and recordings, exclusive videos and content, etc. for only $49/year. 

You can try this service out one month for free! 

That’s it!  One low yearly price to access premium calls and content to put you on the road to well-being and connection with others on the same path!

You will then have access where you can find the information you need for the telecalls.   

Basic membership is free!

You have access to forums, public groups, chat, free yoga videos, video chat, and much more!

Become an affiliate and receive 50% commision for each premium member!
Earn money while helping others get or stay well!  Make money with our referral program!  Earn 50% commission for each new paying subscriber you have referred!  Let's build a strong, healthy, and connected tribe - together!
By joining our referral program you agree to the following terms and conditions:  Commissions earned for each new paying subscriber (via Paypal) after a complimentary month-long trial for premium subscription.

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*Subject to change...


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